In Fear Of What Could Happen...

In my last blog, I wrote about how the news of what happened in Florida on February 14th 2018 changed my life. The thought of how these kids the same age as me, will not get the opportunity to make an impact on the world.

After that day, there were shooting threats at 3 of the schools in my district, but none of the schools cancelled classes. Can you believe that?! The administration called everyones parents and asked us to come to school because they care more about the money they get for attendance than the safety of the kids.

The moment my parents heard about it there was no doubt about the fact that I wouldn’t be attending school that day! In fact, most of my friends, and most of the school, did not end up attending that day in fear of what could happen.

Why would they take that chance? Lives have already been lost. We don't want to lose any more. I am very upset at my school for taking that chance and as I said in my other blog, I hope they do something to better educate us on what to do should something like this happen at our school.

- Makela