A Few Thoughts

I’ll admit that, when it comes to race, I still make mistakes. I’ll offend people without meaning to. I’ll buy into a stereotype or a lie because I don’t always think of why I’m so ready to believe it, or I don’t think to investigate events for myself. I don’t always recognize when I have privilege over another person. These are things I still need to work on.

I’m a dark-skinned mixed kid living in California, half Asian and half white. The worst I’ve had to deal with is being mistaken for Mexican when I’m not Latinx at all. And if that’s the worst I can claim, then I’ve been lucky, since lots of people that look like me have had it worse than I can imagine.

And because of this, I can’t help but wonder why it’s so hard for others to be compassionate. When you offend a friend, you shouldn’t try to defend your right to offend them. A good friend doesn’t try to justify that kind of behavior, a good friend apologizes. And if you wouldn’t say hateful, racist things to your friends, why would you say them to strangers?

I’m working on being more open minded and kind. There’s not enough love in the world, so why should I contribute to the hate when there’s so much already? As the Beatles said, “Love is all you need.” So let’s spread the love.