Keeping our oceans clean!

Going on this beautiful vacation to Thailand has opened my eyes to how bad we are treating our oceans. I have seen so much beauty here and I am so disappointed when it is tainted by the sight of plastic or styrofoam floating around. It is astonishing how lazy some people can be when there are trash cans everywhere! All I ask is that we all do our part. The ocean is beautiful and when you litter thinking that you’re not doing any harm remember how many turtles have died, and it could have been your fault. While on vacation I have been doing as much as I can to pick up trash left on these beautiful islands and trash that I find in the ocean. I promise you it really isn’t that hard. Without sea turtles jellyfish will rampage the ocean and we will not longer enjoy swimming in it. As someone who was stung by a jellyfish at a very young age causing me to be afraid of them this is something I would like to avoid. It is easy to contribute to saving the oceans all you have to do is not litter and maybe pass on the straws sometimes when you know you really don’t need it. Together we can save the turtles and the rest of the ocean as well! Lets make this a priority because as much as you might not think so it has an effect on your life as well.

I have attached a photo to show you just how beautiful the ocean really is!