They Could Have Changed The World But They'll Never Get The Chance

You never think it’s going to happen, until it happens to you...

I was at a loss for words when I heard what happened in Florida on February 14th. I cried watching the news, seeing the videos people posted, and reading responses from the kids involved. These kids are the same age as me and this happened to them, I couldn’t believe it at all. These kids could have changed the world! But now they will never get the chance. They lost their lives without even getting the chance to live them. I don’t think I could ever understand why that happened. And this could happen to anyone. No one thinks it’s going to happen until it does.

My school did nothing after the shooting. Our principal spoke over the loud speaker and asked for a moment of silence for the victims and that was it. No drills, no discussions, no lessons on how to deal with it. This could very well happen to my school and no one would know what to do because we’re not being trained! I think it is horrible that we should feel the need to train for this at all, but that is what this world has come to and therefore that is what we need to do to prepare our kids should a tragic event like this occur.

All schools should have drills and lessons on how to prepare for a shooting, no one should be left uneducated. I am very upset at my school for doing nothing about this, and I hope that soon they do something...

May the victims rest in peace. My heart goes out to their families.

- Makela